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AFC Hartmetall

Container system at Arno Friedrichs Hartmetall GmbH & Co. KG - part of the Hyperion Materials & Technologies Company - Mainleus
Manufacturer of hard metal such as solid rods, cooling channel rods, shaped blanks, special rods consisting of a mixture of hard metals and tungsten carbite.
Year of construction 2019 - cooling capacity 2x 400kW - coolant water - temp. Min Max 5-35°C

Containeranlage bei BREWDOG - Berlin

German and English brewing art come together here.
Brewdog is now a world-famous manufacturer of the popular IPAs or Pale Ales, which originated in Great Britain.

Lederfabrik Josef Heinen GmbH & Co. KG

Quality leather from Wegberg
A by-product of meat production is turned into
high-quality leather for the clothing industry.

Year of construction 2015 – Open wet cooling tower – cooling capacity 664kW

Lebkuchen Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Nuremberg doesn't just do bratwursts.
At Lebkuchen Schmidt, state-of-the-art production facilities and traditional recipes go hand in hand to ensure a unique taste quality.

Year of manufacture 2014 - screw chiller – cooling capacity 725kW – refrigerant R134a

Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH

World's largest large crankshaft manufacturer in the length range 1.5 to 8 m.
We have already been able to realize countless projects here.
Among other things, several small and large container solutions as well as internal cooling systems.

Hertl Braumanufaktur

A master brewer with heart and soul in the smallest and craziest brewery in Franconia. Our specialty is aroma-intensive flavor grenades, which are created in collaboration with the whole family and from regional raw materials.

Kristall-Glasfabrik Amberg

Hier wurde die Bestandskühlanlage saniert und modernisiert.
Alte Anlagentechnik wie Kühltürme, Rohrleitungen, Becken wurden demontiert und durch neuester Kühltechnik ersetzt.
Mehr als 500 Jahre Erfahrung und Innovationsgeist, spiegeln sich in den Trinkgläsern von Fa. Spiegelau wieder.
Diese Artikel sind nicht nur für den Einsatz in der Gastronomie und Hotellerie gedacht, sondern bieten auch die Möglichkeit, schöne Momente zu Hause zu schaffen.

Aqua-Technik GmbH

Aqua Technik is a reliable partner and specialist in the field of water treatment, with whom we have been successfully cooperating for several years. Thanks to a strong relationship of trust, mutual appreciation, and expertise, we have already completed numerous projects together.

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