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water cooled & air cooled

Wassergekühlter Kaltwassersatz

System technology tailored to your needs, focused on service life and value retention. 

When it comes to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, we are the ideal partner. Here we focus on the natural refrigerant ammonia in conjunction with highly efficient heat transfer systems. Thanks to our own production and strong partner companies, we now have a comprehensive product range of water-cooled chillers. Adapted to your requirements, we can offer you various chillers with natural or conventional refrigerants.

Anlagenautomatisierung auf SPS Basis (SIEMENS SIMATIC S7)

Start-up behavior after a power failure

  • Secure the supply of critical components to the PLC with UPS (optional)
  • System technology with restart function Reduces the time until full cooling capacity (optional)

Luftgekühlter Kaltwassersatz

Refrigeration systems with weatherproof housing

Compact, easy to operate and reliable system technology for outdoor installation. The air-cooled water chiller is the most versatile solution for cooling industrial processes. The air-cooled water chillers are exclusive for outdoor use designed. The units are fully assembled, tested and filled with refrigerant and oil.
As standard, the models have above-average features: We design our air-cooled water chillers for you as a single or multi-circuit system with a low refrigerant charge and a cooling capacity of up to 1,300 kW with scroll, piston or screw compressors. Available refrigerants are R410A, R134a and R1234ze.


  • Geringer Montageaufwand
  • Steckerfertig
  • Kompakte Bauweise
  • Keine Wassernachspeisung/
    Aufbereitung nötig

Would you like to find out more about our chillers?

Whether air or water cooled - we design tailor-made systems for your needs. 

IAT GmbH uses the following refrigerants for its energy-efficient process cooling:

Schraubenverdichter Aggregate

Ammonia is an almost ideal refrigerant. It is environmentally friendly, does not contribute to global warming or damage the ozone layer.

Its excellent thermodynamic properties result in particular cost-effectiveness. Low energy costs and fewer indirect CO2 emissions also enable modern, sustainable cooling.



Die Vorteile
von Ammoniak

  • climate neutral
  • high availability
  • low energy requirements
  • low operating costs
  • high specific
    Cooling capacity
  • immediately localizable

Frigen / Synthetic Refrigerants

The conventional synthetic refrigerants that were widely used in the past have been severely restricted by the F-gas regulation. Nevertheless, these refrigerants are still used in many areas in compliance with the applicable standards and laws. There are currently many usable options, including those with a low GWP. Due to their mixture components, these refrigerants have a flammability class of A2L, which entails specific safety regulations. Due to the changes in the refrigerant market, more components are being developed for the new mixtures and are finding their way into our systems. Available refrigerants are R410A, R134a and R1234ze.

The benefits of 
synthetic refrigerant

  • Various efficiency packages
  • Reliable compressors of the latest generation
  • Individually customizable
  • Optional version with integrated heat recovery

The chillers sold by IAT GmbH are available with scroll, piston or screw compressors. The compact units are particularly space-saving and designed for indoor installation. Many systems are also available with a flooded evaporator, which allows even higher cooling outputs and better energy efficiency to be achieved.

We will help you choose the right refrigerant

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