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Water treatment

Holistic solutions for the preparation and treatment of cooling water

Cooling water is a medium used in production processes. The cooling water significantly influences the efficiency of the production process. Unfortunately, the use of water not only brings advantages, but can also have some disadvantages.

The use of water often results in:

  • Corrosion damage requiring expensive repairs
  • Deposits in pipes or supply lines that can lead to machine failures
  • Biofilms that pose a health risk or impair heat transfer
  • Problems that result from contamination - either from the production process itself or from solids brought in with the water (e.g. dirt, sand).

With our holistic solutions for water treatment in cooling towers and refrigeration systems, you can prevent these problems and significantly extend the longevity of your system.


Areas of application

  • Filtration
  • softening
  • Limescale/corrosion protection
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Softening systems
  • Dosage / active ingredients
  • Cleaning technology

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