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IAT - Your specialist for refrigeration systems in industry

With our many years of experience in the design, construction and manufacture of refrigeration equipment, we are a reliable partner for manufacturers and operators of industrial systems.

It is our declared goal not only to maintain our standards, but also to constantly improve them, taking future requirements into account. We do not think in detail, but beyond. Accordingly, we rely on open consultation right from the start.

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We are your reliable partner for all questions relating to industrial refrigeration.

Products & services related to industrial refrigeration


When it comes to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient water-cooled chillers in When it comes to industrial refrigeration, we are the ideal partner. Here we focus on the natural refrigerant ammonia in conjunction with highly efficient heat transfer systems.
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Compact Container Plant

Our container systems are used for efficient cooling of heat-intensive Industrial processes and procedures created. As a specialist for container systems worldwide, we build container concepts that are appropriate to the situation in all climate zones.
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Cooling Towers

Our cooling towers for open or closed application important with this natural resourceuse it sparinglyTherefore, Water, like air, is one of the most important elements and is precious.
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Dry Cooler

Adiabatic dry coolers These free coolers or dry coolers are characterized by a spatial separation between the adiabatic evaporation of Water into the intake air and the downstream dry cooler.
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Compact Cooling Module

Space-saving technology in the tightest of spaces Compact cooling water modules are prefabricated central units for indoor installation. Similar to our container cooling systems, they are ready for operation after connection to the electrical supply and to the coolant supply and return lines.
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machine and plant construction

When it comes to planning, development and delivery in industrial refrigeration, it is important to pay attention to the essential details. With our wealth of experience from more than 25 years of practice in plant engineering, we plan holistic processes and provide the necessary capacities in all production steps.
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Maßgeschneiderte Kühlanlagen für die Glasindustrie IndustriekälteIAT Kaltwassersatz mit Ammoniak als KühlmittelKältemodule

Your benefits

  • Over 25 years of experience in refrigeration system construction
  • Certified employees & mechatronics technicians
  • Use of premium products from leading manufacturers
  • Complete documentation of the system
  • Special attention to energy efficiency & running cost savings
  • Maintaining the facilities through maintenance and cleaning
  • Practical thanks to a large customer base from different industrial sectors for maintenance and cleaning

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IAT - Innovative Anlagentechnik GmbH

As a full-service provider of cooling systems, we support our customers from the idea through planning and conception to the production and installation of the system.


Water treatment

Holistic solutions for all aspects of Processing & Treatment of cooling water in your refrigeration systems.
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Remote maintenance

The direct line to your system If the system technology goes on strike, the technician has to come. For a long time that was the only alternative.
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Service & Maintenance

To avoid failures and to repair damage to the system quickly and easily, our dedicated team is at your disposal at any time.
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Bewertung Bestandsanlagen

We inspect your system. Investigations on existing systems for various cooling applications have shown significant savings opportunities.
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IAT cooling systems - individually adapted to your requirements. In our assembly facility we plan and manufacture tailor-made systems for our customers.
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Consulting/project planning

From the idea to the optimal solution - everything one source! As a full-range provider we attach great importance to comprehensive advice that precedes every planning and conception
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Konstruktion einer KälteanlageKühlung für MetalverarbeitungKühlwasser für Metallverarbeitung

Our projects worldwide


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2016  


Baujahr 2022  
Kühlcontaineranlage 900kW


Baujahr 2018
870kW Kaltwassersystem 
970kW Kaltwassersystem


Baujahr 2019  
Ammoniak Containeranlage 900kW 


Baujahr 2017 
Ammoniak Containeranlage - 500kW


Baujahr 2023  
Kühlcontaineranlage  900kW


Baujahr 2018  
430kW Außenkühler


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2019  
Containeranlage 660kW


Baujahr 2015  
Kühlturmanlage  1350kW


Baujahr 2018 
Kühlturmanlage 2660kW


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW


Baujahr 2015  
Offener Nasskühlturm  Kühlleistung 664kW

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More industry-focused solutions

Food industry

For the food industry, correct cooling is one of the most important factors in increasing or at least maintaining the profitability of a company.
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Glass industry

Our expertise: Tailor-made Cooling solutions for the glass industry. Cool adequately – save costs
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Maximum performance with as little as possiblelow operating costs and supplying all refrigeration consumers cost-efficiently is the starting point for our planning of your system technology
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Heat treatment

Effective and economical - cooling systems for heat treatment in hardening furnaces
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How important is industrial refrigeration?

In order to draw attention to the system relevance of refrigeration technology, but above all to draw attention to the job profile of the mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology, BIV Kühl has created a three-minute image video, which will be shown for the first time on the occasion of World Refrigeration Day on June 26, 2022 was shown.
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Source: BIV der Kälteanlagenbauer

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