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Food industry

Reliably cooler - system solutions for the food industry

For the food industry, correct cooling is one of the most important factors in increasing or at least maintaining a company's profitability. Companies that are involved in all phases of producing products - from harvesting to further processing, packaging and delivery - must carefully ensure that appropriate technologies are used. In addition to unwanted costs, spoiled products also cause large amounts of waste.

With the variety and required quantities - in the beverage industry, for example from water to soft drinks to beer - the complexity in their production increases and with it the requirements for cooling.

The system technology from IAT GmbH offers an efficient solution that has been individually designed and optimized for the requirements of the food industry. In particular, the use of refrigeration machines with the refrigerant ammonia (R717) makes the use of our systems an even more efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Are you looking for a cooling system specifically for the food industry?

Whether chocolate production or brewery - we have the right cooling solution for your food.

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